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When it comes to Indian Weddings we know that it's not always just about the Bride & Groom, but about a meeting of two families. Here at The Dhol Xperience we can cater to any crowd's taste in music and play the right beats to move everyone's feet! From youngsters to teenagers, your friends in their 20s and 30s, and your parents with the auntis and uncles, we know how to mix in the perfect amount of current hits with classics. It's all about playing the right track at the right moment, and also for the right amount of time to keep them all interested and on the dance floor all night long! (For more information on the Reception Packages we offer click here)
Most Indian Weddings start with a baraat and ceremony in the day, and transform into a elegant reception affair by night. DJ Ustat Singh has a good understanding to play traditional music at the ceremony based on your specific cultural and religious background (if you are Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Catholic, etc...). He will be sure to wake everybody up in the morning with his selection of upbeat music at the baraat, as MC Monty mingles and motivates the crowd to put their hands in the air. All along Dholi Raj on the traditional Indian drum to start off the celebration with lots of energy, making your guests eagerly wait for the party to continue at night. Our coordinator Jassi will be there at every moment, making sure everything runs smoothly and according to the details you've discussed with her throughout the planning months. Together the four make a great strong team to handle any size wedding! (For more information on the services we offer for Baraat & Ceremony click here)
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