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Do you know what we love about America? That it's one big melting pot and the pot just keeps on getting bigger! Today in the 21st century chances are you were either born and raised here, or came to this country at a young age. Although we spoke and wrote in English at school, most of us watched Bollywood movies with our families on the weekends and ate Indian sabji with roti for dinner. This is what makes us just as American as we are Indian, or just as Indian as we are American, and gives us a very eclectic taste in music!
If you are a Indian Bride or Groom engaged to be wed to a non-Indian person then you have come to the right place! Fusion weddings are not only our specialty, but our personal favorite! We love blending in different genres of music throughout the day to assure both sides of the families and friends feel very welcomed and an important part of the wedding. We've done many mixed events including Indian, Pakistani, & Bengali with Irish, Italian, Jewish, German, Russian, Greek, Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Filipino, African, Haitian, Jamaican, Latino Hispanic, etc... DJ Ustat Singh has a large library of music, and although he might not understand every language, he is able to understand the rhythm behind the music and deejay any genre to provide a very unique and personal experience. To pump up the energy to another level Dholi Raj Daffu plays a variety of beats on the traditional Indian drum and really gives the dance floor a fusion flare, especially when he mixes in to American music and compliments it with live remixing on the dance floor. All along MC Monty stays on the mic to mingle and motivate the crowd, go up to your guests to interact with them, and show them dance moves. And our coordinator Jassi Anand will be there behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly and according to the details you've discussed with her throughout the planning months as she manages the lighting.Together the four make a great strong team to handle any size wedding! (For more information on the Reception Packages we offer click here)
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